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This Website contains the most used forms from various Antigua and Barbuda government ministries and departments.

All forms are displayed in Adobe Acrobat format, while instructions, guides and presentation on various services that involve the use of forms may be in Adobe Acrobat, MS Word or MS Powerpoint format.

Some forms may be filled electronically fillable online, and will be noted by the following symbol.These forms allow you to either print out the forms once filled and either fax or take in the form to the relevant ministry or department or email the contents of the forms directly to the relevant ministry or department. Even if the forms are emailed, however, you would still have to take in the forms as there is currently no means to verify signatures.

Some forms will soon be totally electronic, providing a means to both fill in and email the forms online, as well as digitally sign the forms. In order to use these forms, you will need a valid digital certificate from a Certifying Authority.

Click on the image below to download the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Adobe Acrobat